Internet businesses have many advantages over the traditional brick and mortar business.  Internet business can be started with no or little start up capital and generally provide a greater amount of freedom with many avenues for passive income.

I was frustrated at having to constantly work long hours and really felt that I was missing out on valuable time with my children.  My family were suffering and letting me know that they needed me and missed me.  A husband in chronic pain and two children, one with minor special needs, I really was needed home more.  The question was how to be home and still afford to live.  The answer came in the form of an internet business.

When I first started looking into setting up an internet business, I found a lot of the advice was not relevant to a purely internet business.  Further, I found an overwhelming amount of material including some absolute gems.  I often thought “if I had known that several weeks ago, I would have done things differently.”

So, after a few requests I have decided to put together this website, to impart some of the information I have managed to put together along the way.

All the best in your adventure, whatever it may be.