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How to Use Your Smartphone to Create Photos for Your Online Business by Sarah Kohl

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Images are so important in every business, from making blog posts like this one more interesting to creating book covers and designing your website. The most common option is to use stock photos. However, the internet flooded with stock photos and people wanting a more personal touch a great alternative is to take photos from your smartphone.  Easy, quick and of a suitable quality.  In this post, Sarah explains not only why but how to use your smartphone and overcome potential problems.  Sarah is the owner of Journey Smarts, which helps people to travel happier and healthier.






Past Posts

Using an Avatar to Build your Tribe Online by Charlie Poznek

avatar_smAn avatar helps the business owner to focus on their audience.  It has been said that the person who aims to serve everyone serves no-one.  In this post, Charlie Poznek, explains how to define the avatar of your business to niche down and truly build a tribe that can relate to you and your business.  Charlie is The Boomer Business Owner, helping the baby boomer generation to build success online businesses.




Creating a Podcast Platform From Scratch on a Shoestring Budget by Arturo Nava


There has been an explosion in podcasting in the last few years.  iTunes now has more than one billion podcast subscribers.  Podcasts are a great way to increase your audience, build a relationship with your audience, increase brand awareness and ultimately revenue.  In this post Arturo Nava walks us through how he started his podcast, Logra tu Dream step by step.  He provides both resources he foound useful as well as tactics he employed.




The Powtoon Punch by Maureen Murphy

Comics Cartoon HandThe use of videos has been shown to increase conversion and engagement by your audience. They are so effective that Businessweek have said “video is a must-have for e-businesses concerned with SEO, conversion rates, and brand identification.”  In this post, Maureen Murphy shows how videos can now be utilised by all business owners, with no need for technical expertise or expensive equipment.




How to Manage Your Virtual Staff The Proven Way by Chris Ducker

VirtualFreedomStackVirtual Assistants can change your business. They can provide services that free you up to do the work that will best grow your business, prevent burnout and enable you to have freedom to pursue the lifestyle you desire. Chris Ducker, known as the “Virtual CEO,” is the leading expert on Virtual Assistants and the author of the best selling book Virtual freedom.  In this post Chris shares some incredibly valuable tips on how to manage this most valuable business resource.




3 Hidden Truths – Starting Your Online Business by Dean Patino

3 Hidden TruthsStarting an online business can look easy, but looks can be deceptive.  Dean Patino knows this having worked for 25 years, in the corporate world, as a high tech sales professional helping Fortune 500 companies.  Dean has now started an online business where he aims to inspire business professionals, to increase their income to that of the top 5% income earners.  In this post Dean shares some of the insights he has gained, in moving from a corporate job to running his own successful online business.


Making the Leap! by Celest Horton.


It can be hard to leave the security of full-time employment.  Celest understands this having worked for many years as a chemical engineer.  However, Celest has taken the leap into entrepreneurship, with the business How to Pay for College HQ, which includes the popular podcast by the same name.  This online business has given her the opportunity to help others in the US to gain college qualifications debt free while she gains time and location independence to spend more time with her family.  In this post Celest shows the reader how they too can make the entrepreneurial leap.



Building an Audience from Nothing by Kate Erickson.


Kate’s experience in working for an advertising agency and her current position as Content Creator and Community Manager of Entrepreneur on Fire give her a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Marketing.  Kate shares with The Entrepreneur Speaks practical steps to building an audience, whilst recognizing potential road blocks along the way.  From defining your avatar, to finding your audience, to producing and testing stellar content, this post is a must read.


The Reward of Risk written by Paul Colaianni.


Paul’s own experience of depression led to the study of various psychological concepts and techniques such as hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.  This enabled him to find his passion for helping others conquer their negative thoughts and live with reduced stress. He currently has a blog and successful podcast with a range of interviewees.  As starting and operating a small business is a journey involving many failures and successes, as well as a plethora of stresses, Paul in this blog post shares how the “bumps” along the entrepreneurial path can lead to success.


Become a Champion Networker with this 1 Magical Question written by Michael Kawula.


Michael Kawula has a strong background in business and marketing.  His online retail store, selling office and cleaning supplies, was ranked by Inc. Magazine as the 144th fastest growing company in 2012.  He is the founder of Self Employed King where he helps other business owners to achieve success in business.  His personal success building a $20 000 / week local cleaning business as well as an annual  $3 000 000 + online business, pay homage to the value that Michael has to give.  In this post, Michael shares in The Entrepreneur Speaks, the importance of networking in person and some great tips for effective networking.


Why you should write a book written by Dr Christine R. Draper

WriteBook  I have written the first post, on why you should write a book.  I am the owner of a small business called achieve2day which produces premium revision material.  The most recent book that I have published is Introduction to Verbal Reasoning: Tips and Techniques which is written to help children prepare for selective entrance exams for secondary schools in England.  I am convinced that writing a book is a ‘must’ for all entrepreneurs, find out why in this first blog post in The Entrepreneur Speaks.