Podcasters’ Paradise


Podcasters’ Paradise is the must have course and community for podcasters, whether you are planning to start or already have a podcast.  Now you can be a part of a free webinar and find out more first.




Free Webinar

In the free webinar John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire tells you about podcasting, how he took his podcast to a six figure a month income and about Podcasters’ Paradise.  There is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.



Podcasters’ Paradise

Podcasters’ Paradise is THE course for podcasting.  Suitable for the complete beginner or the experienced podcaster.  The course is by John Lee Dumus of Entrepreneur on Fire whose own very successful Podcast consistently rates well in iTunes, has over 400 000 unique monthly downloads and makes $17,080 a month in profit from sponsorships alone.

The course has three components:

Component #1: An ever evolving library of video tutorials for Podcasters at every stage.

Component #2: A community forum where Podcasters can exchange honest reviews, practice interview techniques, receive logo
feedback, & find guests for their shows.

Component #3: Monthly webinars where today’s top Podcasters will share their insider tips, tools, & tactics.


This course provides lifetime membership, to this already dynamic  community.

For more detailed information watch the video below.