The PowToon Punch!


 Why use use an animated video?

It captures immediate attention! A little humor goes a long way! It makes people feel good. Animation gets the happy endorphins going. When you can put someone in a fun, happy mood they are open to your suggestions and more likely to buy from you! You have 7 seconds to capture someone’s attention! Blogs and emails are skimmed over. A visually appealing story will grab your audience and keep them engaged! A quick powerful video will help you stand out in a crowd! You will dazzle and delight your audience all in less than 90 seconds! Video marketing is mandatory to getting your message out in today’s market. A PowToon is an alternative to the typical talking head video. It can be used in your arsenal for your video branding. It used to cost thousands of dollars to produce an animated video, you would need a lot of equipment, producers and a studio. Now you can do it yourself or hire a PowToonist to save you time to do it for you!

Who uses animated storytelling videos?

Entrepreneurs, authors, store owners, non profits, real estate agents, landscapers, lawyers, media and educators! A great way to add video content for the camera shy individual. Don’t feel like getting all dressed up to go in front of a camera? Hire a PowToonist to get your message out there! Everyone can benefit from this powerful fun marketing strategy!

Where can a PowToon be used?

Everywhere! It can be used on all social media, websites and emails.  It supercharges courses and business presentations. In the classrooms!

What can these awesome video messages be used for?

A great way to keep reminding people of your brand and mission. Ramp up your credibility! Break through the noise and the clutter! They can be used in a Twitter Tweet! (The first one I sent got top tweet with a real estate#) Start the buzz before you launch your new book, website, product or business. An engaging way to use as an amazing tutorial. Send out a call to action, promote your webinar, use as an optin or add to your Squeeze page.Trying to get someones attention with a boring email? Send a PowToon and get a response! Storytelling is a great way to get your message out. Spice up your boring blog. It will boost your SEO, give you a higher conversion rate. When you have a video you are more likely to show up in the first few pages of a Google search!

This guest post was written by Maureen Murphy, founder of


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Maureen Murphy

Maureen recently started producing PowToons for herself and her clients with her PowToon agency. It is a powerful way to get your story out and watch your business EXPLODE!  


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  1. I love this! I never considered using a service like this until now. What a great concept, and I bet it would convert well. Very cool article. Thank you for the insights.

  2. Maureen – I love these videos! The possibilities for business owners are endless, and the value these videos can provide an audience are great. Thank you for sharing this helpful information and for your generous offer!

    • Your welcome Kate! Yes people do find them fun! They can be used to explain anything. They can also have your voice with them for a more personal touch. I can’t wait until the slides are available. They will be longer and can be used for webinars and courses. An entertaining way to engage an audience !

  3. Too cute! I can certainly see how these videos would be a great compliment to many content plans. And there certainly is no denying that YouTube videos enhance your SEO! Thanks for sharing, ladies!

  4. Another GREAT visual to consider using as a part of you business. It’s different and unique enough to get people talking! Thanks!

  5. Animated videos are such great tools that not enough people are utilizing! Thanks for reminding us of their potential marketing power!

  6. A great way to capture the attention in the first 7 seconds! Thanks for bringing this to light Maureen, you are leading the way to help realtors bring their A game by leveraging them!

  7. Awesome! I gotta give PowToon a shot! Thanks for the great article Maureen!

  8. Thanks for recommending such a great tool!! I am looking forward to creating some for my business very soon. It’s an engaging way to really catch some attention.

  9. Love these videos! Storytelling and visuals are so powerful to help get ideas across and spark interest in your business…

  10. Hi Maureen, these videos are so fun and engaging. The music got me toe-tapping in my seat. I agree these videos would be a show-stopper for any business. Keep it going I know a lot of people can benefit from your services.

  11. This is great Mauren! I’m really impressed about this video. This would help alot, specially the visual learners.

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